How to Choose Tableware for Young Children?

When you are a first time parent, there are many baby items that are in the market that can confuse you. You need to understand the purpose for the item and whether it will be useful for you. Tableware is something that you need to purchase for children to ensure they are made of safe materials. And children are notoriously messy and are prone to throwing things around so you need to find plates and cutlery that are hardy and designed for young children.

The first thing you need to consider is the safety of the plates and cups. They will be dropped many times so you need to check how breakable they are. You have to find a material that is very difficult to break and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Normal crockery and glassware can be used but it poses a significant risk of safety for the children as they can break and the broken pieces can cause injuries. You have to check whether the tableware that you choose bounces when it is dropped.

There has to be sufficient durability to the product and one item that is therefore quite popular is the silicone plate that comes with strong suction. This will prevent the plate from being thrown or dislodged and minimize potential spills. Also, with durable tableware, you will not need to replace it often saving you some money over time. So make sure that your first purchase is a good decision made after doing some careful research.

The color of the tableware has to be considered as well. You can purchase plates with different colors so they will be able to learn different colors as well. And as this is a routinely used item, they will be able to remember the color and become familiar with it. You can also check how different colors affect appetite. There is some research regarding this topic so it can be an informative read.

Consider the cost of the tableware as well. You may have to buy a lot of items if you are a first time parent and this can stretch your existing budget. So you may be tempted to choose a cheaper option. But you have to consider how the tableware will age. The color can change over time and with regular cleaning, the material can warp if the item is not made properly. Also, you need to consider the fact that food and drinks will be touching the material of the plates and the cups. So they should be made out of safe and non-toxic materials.

You can also purchase items that will promote independent eating. Over time, you need to update the cups with spouts to open cups so that the child is able to learn to feed themselves and build better motor control. You can use a blunt spoon and fork when they are small and gradually introduce a blunt knife. A bowl with high sides can be easier to use than a traditional plate. Or check for a plate that has a rim so that food will not get out of the plate easily.

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