Fun Things That People Believe About Coffee

You don’t need to be a coffee lover to know all about coffee. That is because there are just too many of them (coffee lovers) all over the world, that people expect you to know about coffee as though it is common sense! Here are some interesting things people say about coffee, which you would like to know, whether or not you are a coffee lover!

Coffee Makes Coffee Lovers Happy

You probably have noticed that drinking too much beer can result in different moods and behaviours – some get happy, while some could get aggressive and violent. It is quite ironic, however, that this is not the case when it comes to coffee, despite it having a strong bitterness.

Coffee, no matter how much you drink, is only going to make you feel positive feelings and have positive thoughts. You can go from feeling good, happy, and cheerful, to feeling super elated. In other words, the bitterness in the coffee can make matters sweet!

There is something about Hot Coffee

It is not just a plain belief that hot coffee can make you look at things, people in particular, in a much more positive way. Apparently, there have been experiments that shows people sipping or holding a cup of hot coffee tend to find others warm, charming, pleasant, and everything that suggests ‘nice’. It certainly sounds strange, but this isn’t the first time have people found connections between food and objects, and human behavior, is it?!

The Taste Depends on the Mug!

Not in a literal sense of course, but coffee lovers do find the taste of their coffee to have a very strong connection to their cups or mugs. This could be because some people are more sensitive to characteristics like color or shape, and so, they unconsciously develop connections between such characteristics and their belongings or favorite things – be it a possession or food.

Most coffee lovers happen to be like this, if not all. For instance, one may prefer glass coffee mugs just because they are transparent and perhaps, all the good effects of coffee are reinforced when you can see your coffee from the outside as well, and not just by peeking into the cup every time.

Genetic Connections

Interestingly, People have found that the love for coffee has a genetic element to it. A basic explanation on this would be that those who are genetically less sensitive to the ‘bitter compounds’ found in coffee are the ones who are coffee lovers. They have genes that are more tolerant to caffeine and respond to it positively, which might be one of the possible reasons why they fall in love with the beverage instantly.

Coffee Was Banned, But Coffee Lovers Broke Rules

In case you didn’t know, the effects of coffee were found to be ‘too much to handle’ that, back in the time, some governments even decided to ban it! It was regarded as an ‘over stimulating’ beverage, or so were people made to believe. Nevertheless, nothing could beat the love for coffee, and so, real coffee lovers simply did not seem to care whenever such situations arose.

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