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Exploring the Different Types of Hairdressing Scissors

One of the essential tools that barbers and hairstylists use is hairdressing scissors. These allow them to create stylish haircuts. And there are different types of hairdressing scissors as well that can be used for specific hair types, cutting techniques and styling preferences.

The straight barber scissors are known as cutting scissors or shears and this is the most commonly used type. They have straight blades that come with sharp edges and these are designed for general hair trimming, cutting and shaping. You can find these in different lengths starting from about 4.5 inches and going up to about 7 inches. More cutting power will be provided by longer blades and you can have better precision with shorter blades. Some of the hair cutting techniques that can be achieved with the straight scissors are blunt cutting, slide cutting and point cutting. Then there are thinning scissors that are also called texturizing scissors and they can remove bulk from hair and create texture. They have one straight blade and one serrated that comes with notches or teeth on the edge of the blade. Thickness can be reduced with this and it imparts softness to the hair. You can blend layers so that a seamless transition is created between different hair lengths. You can find different tooth configurations for thinning scissors such as double sided, single sided and reversible.

The offset scissors are ergonomic scissors designed for hairdressers

And these can reduce fatigue and strain when they are cutting hair for long hours. There is an offset handle design in these scissors and one handle is shorter than the other so that a more natural hand position can be accommodated. More control and leverage is achieved with offset scissors and this can reduce injuries to the hand and wrist that can occur as a result of repetitive cutting motions. You can find these in thinning and straight blade configurations and also in different sizes. Swivel scissors are called rotating scissors as well and it comes with a swivel thumb ring that will rotate freely around the thumb axis allowing for greater flexibility and movement. This can reduce strain on the wrist, hand and thumb. If the hairstylist has a mobility issue or if they are easily fatigued when using traditional scissors, swivel scissors are a good alternative.

You can also find left handed scissors

That are designed for hairstylists and barbers that are left-handed. You can find these in different styles such as offset, thinning, straight, swivel etc. so that the same range of options available for right handed professionals are also provided. To create a feathered effect in the hair, razor scissors are used. There is a razor sharp blade that is used for precision slicing and cutting. They can also remove bulk. They are used to create face framing layers, wispy bands and razor cut hairstyles. You need to handle them carefully so that cuts or injuries are prevented. So it is important that experienced barbers or hairstylists use this.

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