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Considering an Extension for an Older Home

Renovating an older home requires a lot of careful thought and planning. It can also be a rewarding experience. With time, when your family starts growing, you will need more space. And if you own an older home, extending it can be a delicate process. This is why it is so important to select an experienced renovation company that specialises in older homes.

When considering a house extension Hawthorn for an older home, it is very important that you respect its architectural heritage. You have to familiarise yourself with the architectural features of its period and the original design. There can also be architectural restrictions that apply to the property. You need to seamlessly integrate the extension without altering the character of the older home. You need to consider the historical context as there can be strict guidelines in order to preserve the architectural integrity of older homes. You need to check the local regulations regarding this. You can consult with local planning departments. There are also historical preservation authorities that can shed more light on this matter. By taking this guidance, you will be able to comply with any restrictions that apply to your home. You can learn about which permits need to be obtained so that you can start on the extension project.

There has to be a sense of continuity when it comes to extending your home

There are architects and renovation companies that have a lot of experience in this regard. They will be able to blend the old and new elements in such a way that there is cohesion. You can also mimic architectural details and design motifs so that there is a seamless transition. You can also use the same materials so that the original structure and the extension have a smooth transition. You can then make sure that the extension looks as if it has always been part of the home. You have to inspect the house carefully and then identify original features that contribute to the unique appearance of your home. You can then preserve these features and integrate some of these elements into the extension so that there is a theme of continuity. For example, if you already have hardwood floors or intricate mouldings, these can be used in the extension.

You can also modernise the infrastructure

While preserving the essential features of the exterior and the interior. For example, you can update the electrical and plumbing systems. You can add HVAC systems that are highly efficient. You can blend the historical aesthetics with the functional features of modern life. This will help you enjoy the best of both worlds. It can be tricky to balance the new and old design elements. This is why it is important to select an experienced renovation company for this. They will be able to preserve the scale and proportions of the original home and ensure that a spacious layout is created with the new addition. Some other considerations are bringing in as much natural light and ventilation as possible. You can use glass doors, large windows and skylights for this.

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