Wedding Décor: Common Requirements of Clients

There is a myriad way to make a wedding ceremony look absolutely stunning. Here are some of the different kinds of decor clients would be interested in.  

Grand Décor

A lot of people believe that no justice is done unless their wedding décor is grand and extravagant. If you observe this type of décor, at weddings in particular, you would see that it often requires more elements, in more quantities, which also means that it could be a tad costlier.

However, this does not mean that décor can be minimal and grand at the same time. This is something that can be done by talented creative decorators alone. Check out Decor It Events to find the best guys in the business.

Simple Décor

People who believe in simplicity do exist. In fact, simple wedding décor is also becoming increasingly popular. Again, creating a simple yet elegant and gorgeous arrangement depends on the skill that the decorators will possess as they work out your wedding décor. Often, they would use fewer elements, but would handpick the best and most exquisite ones to create something charming and adorable.

Theme Based Décor

Theme based décor is quite common, and is usually what most weddings adapt. This is often the bigger category, which means that once they have decided on a theme, they would then consider if they want their décor to be grand or simple, colourful, or so on. Theme based décor often turn out spectacular, however, the key thing is to choose a theme that is appropriate and practical in every aspect of the event.

100% Natural Décor

Some couples want to have 100% natural elements in their décor – such as florals and leaves, and would not settle for anything otherwise. Natural décor never fails to create the most captivating look at an event. Again, it may be a little costly to have your décor done with completely natural florals, but if you want the kind of breathtaking ambience created at your wedding, this certainly maybe it!

Combination Décor

Some, on the other hand, would like the idea of having combinations, particularly where florals are concerned. They would prefer mixing natural and artificial florals for instance, as well as combining them with other elements to create the dreamy look they want at their big day. Talking to an expert decorator is important when you opt for slightly complex ideas like this one, because a skilful play is vital to create a flawless finish. 

Affordable Décor

Opting for affordable decor does not mean you need to make things as simple or minimal as possible. This is a common misconception. You could always have a gorgeous set up done by speaking to your decorator about ways to minimize the cost for the same. 

Colourful Décor

There are some who are highly enthusiastic about incorporating loads if colour in their décor. For them, this would be like their key requirement – a vibrant, colourful, display. This could be achieved with almost any type of elements used- be it florals or other.

Re-Usable Décor

Re usable décor is sometimes requested by some when they plan their weddings. There could be many reasons why they’d like it, and the options can be discussed with the decorators before proceeding and finalizing any arrangements with them. 

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