How to Make Your Gift Extra Special?

Giving gifts have been a long-standing tradition. It is a way to express your love and care to a person who is special to you. However, keep in mind that giving a gift should not feel like a responsibility. It should be given wholeheartedly, without expecting anything in return.

You do not have to give an expensive gift, though. As you can give an inexpensive yet practical gift that the receiver will love, for sure. It is not easy to shop for a gift to give. It takes a lot of effort, but it can’t be adequate, at times. The best way to make your gift unforgettable is to make it personal. Here are some ways on how to make your gift extra special.

Include a Handwritten Note

You can give a creative, thoughtful, or unique type of gift. But what makes it extra special is the handwritten note that will allow yourself to express your feelings through words. Did he/she play an important role in your life? Is he/she being your inspiration in everything you do? Take the time to think about what you like about the person you will give your gift to.

Wrap it in a Beautiful Gift Box

Beautiful gift wrapping can make anyone feel happy and excited, and it can make your gift extra special. If you need to send someone a gift, but he/she lives far away from you, you need to look for a gift box to lock your efforts. Get a white gift box if you want to go for something classic. There are other colours of gift boxes to choose from, too.

Use your Skills

Use your skills, have a look at their interests, and create a DIY gift for the important person in your life. Create an e-book, a painting, poem or portrait. The receiver will love any DIY gift as he/she knows you made it with love.

Connect it to a Specific Memory

For sure, you have many mementos with a friend, family member or special someone. So, give a gift that you can relate to each other. For instance, a photo album with all your favourite pictures together or a childhood game that you can play and laugh at when you are both feeling melancholic.

Keep the Excitement On

Giving your gift a twist will make the receiver feel more thrilled. Wrap your gift in several boxes or layers and place a fun note every time he/she opens a new level. For example, you will be giving a gift to your sister’s birthday, then you can write funny notes saying “this is the last one” but it is not.

Create a Photo Album Gift

Moments take place all the time, and they can take place fast. That is why it is important to capture every moment using your digital camera or smartphone. You can hire a professional photographer to do it for you. Then create a photo album that you can give as a gift to the people you love.

Apart from this list, you can create an experience that you and the recipient can treasure forever.

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